EPIC Conference Topics

Cardiovascular Health

Diagnosis,  cv genetics, prevention and treatment of vascular aging and the relationship to general aging and cardiovascular disease


Diagnosis,  cv genetics, prevention and treatment of vascular aging and the relationship to general aging and cardiovascular disease

This lecture will review the identified enzymes and genes related to vascular aging, general aging and cardiovascular disease.  Diagnostic testing prevention and treatment will be discussed including nutrition. Supplements, lifestyle and medications.  It is possible to slow vascular aging and general aging up to 40  percent with this program.

The 100-Year Heart: Prevent, Treat, & Reverse Cardiovascular Disease While Reducing/Eliminating Pharmaceuticals

Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC

In his entertaining two-hour presentation, Dr. Wolfson will share the secrets of to maintaining and enhancing cardiovascular health, providing practical and effective “Monday morning strategies” to support your patients vitality, mental clarity and longevity. Gain an in-depth understanding of the widespread impact of cardiovascular diseases, their prevalence, and the various factors contributing to these conditions. Dr. Wolfson will also explore the challenges of conventional pharmaceutical approaches, and will share his unique approach that combines traditional medicine with holistic practices to create comprehensive heart health. In addition, learn about the role of evidence-based supplements for cardiovascular care and delve into the cutting-edge world of advanced biohacking strategies that optimaize heart health.

Gut Health

The Intersection of Chronic Infection, the Gut Microbiota & Mycobiome, with Altered Host Immunity in the Presentation of Chronic Illness

Jennifer Stagg, ND

The Intersection of Chronic Infection
the Gut Microbiota and Mycobiome, with Altered Host Immunity in the Presentation of Chronic Illness

The intimate relationship between humans and microorganisms/viruses is ancient; however, the incidence of chronic illness, especially those of an autoimmune origin, is a modern-day phenomenon. This presentation will detail the role of latent infections (including Cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr Virus, Human Herpesvirus-6, SARS-COV2, tick-borne bacteria), bacterial and fungal overgrowth, disrupted bacterial microbiome and mycobiome in the alteration of the host immune response as it relates to the development of autoimmune processes and the resultant presentation of clinical illness. Contemporary origins of this impending healthcare crisis will be explored, including the role of the food industry and the 21st-century lifestyle in gut-mediated immunity. Finally, integrative clinical strategies to restore immune balance will be provided.

Gut-Brain Connection; Optimizing Treatment for Mental Health

Jill Carnahan, MD

Dr. Jill will describe the significance of the gut-brain axis and how this bi-directional communication affects neurotransmitters and hormones, and interacts with various aspects of the human body and mental health in particular. She will dive into evidence-based probiotic strains that have support for altering mental status and end with practical applications in lifestyle changes that will best help your patients heal.

Hormone Health

Maximize Your Male Hormones

Pamela Wartian Smith, MD, MPH, MS


  1. Review the functions of testosterone in the body
  2. Understand the definition of andropause
  3. Explore the signs and symptoms of andropause
  4. Review the medical literature concerning testosterone depletion and increased risk of coronary heart disease
  5. Examine the medical literature regarding testosterone decline and cognition
  6. Review the role estrogen plays in male physiology
  7. Learn new ways to lower estrogen in males
  8. Review the advantages of testosterone replacement related to heart disease and memory
  9. Explore the positive effects of testosterone replacement on blood sugar
  10. Know the contraindications to testosterone replacement

Program Description

Join internationally known physician, author, and educator, Dr. Pamela W. Smith, for this interactive seminar on maximizing male hormones. This discussion will explore the science behind male hormone replacement including aiding sexual function, helping to prevent heart disease and cognitive decline, and maintaining bone structure and muscle mass. This seminar will examine hormone replacement from A-Z, and will aim to have all of your questions answered.

Endocrine Disruption vs Humanity  

Lindsey Berkson, MA, DC, CNS, DACBN


Endocrine disruption, receptor functionality, the threat of less hormones and more gender bending without healthy hormone signals, and more. 

Program Description

Currently, our hormones are under attack from global pollution, from pesticides and heavy metals to plastics in perfumes, water coming out of shower heads, and even from birth control pills used by 300  million women worldwide.

Hormones are the most powerful signaling molecules inside our bodies. Yet endocrine disruption, which threatens hormone health from the womb to the tomb in both genders, is stunningly real.

Attacks and disruptions of our hormones is a major contributor to the rise of infertility, earlier cancers, earlier dementias, and even gender bending. 

In this presentation, you will learn about endocrine disruption, and how and why to protect receptor functionality. Issues that are linked to hormonal matters that most doctors do not know about, beyond PMS and dysmenorrhea, will be discussed. For instance, did you of the growing epidemic of younger females and males who do not have enough hormones, so their brain, bones, moods etc. are threatened?

You will learn how endocrine disruption can present in your patients, and what conditions suggest hormonal issues, beyond the classic female and male ones, from IBS, IBD, to autoimmune diseases, to even dementias and blood sugar woes.

Hormones have been misunderstood and thus vilified in the U.S., while they are now offered (often at no charge) to menopausal ladies in many socialist countries.

Learn how you can help optimize hormone health, no matter your scope of practice. Learn why and how to tamp down cancer stem cells, care-take the second estrogen receptor (our endogenous chemo and anti-proliferative receptor) and be able to use this information in your practice immediately.